The following items  - many are one only demo items - are on sale. If you would like additional pictures or have questions please email us. In the pictures below if there are multiple lamps (picture #7 for example has four fonts) the individual lamps could be identified as M1721-1,M1721-2,M1721-3 and M1721-4

New minature lamps M1714, M1715, M1717-M1722. Lamps were used in a reproduction seminar and are new & unused.  All minatures above are $25.00 each except M1722 which is a special edition which is $45. The fonts in M1721 are $5.00 each  

New lamps used in a reproduction seminar. The fonts shown in M1723-M1731 above are $30 each. Fonts can be supplied with appropriate new burners and chimneys for an additional $12 or more depending on the quality & type of burner and chimney selected  

1. Aladdin Hanging Lamp HL200-570 (one only - $235 as shown - other shades available)  2. Blue Princess feather oil lamp with shade - can be oil or electric  ($100 as shown - new)  3. new Dietz blizzard oil lantern  4.New Dietz Air pilot - Black 5. New Dietz Air Pilot - blue( New Dietz lanterns - Regular Price $30 - Christmas sale Price  $25)