Wide assortment of antique & vintage oil lamps available - call or email if you don't see what you are looking for 

 Store Lamp + tin shade,  Royal CD HL + 14" dome shade,Late 1800 plain HL, CD HL with 14" dome shade, Plain HL - finger lamp font 

Cast iron hanging lamps

Wall Bracket Lamps

Gimbal Marine Lamps               Railcar side lamps                      Railcar sidelamps                 Caboose lamps & parts

Railroad - Bunk car lamp                            CPR Caboose Lamp                               Handlan Lamp                              Handlan Caboose Lamp                           Bunk car lamp

Railroad Dressel #525 side Lamp         Adams & Westlake RR font            Dressel RR Font                              Penn Central RR Font                        Dressel # 531 RR Brkt Lamp                                     

Table Lamps - Flatwick & Roundwick - available to rent as well as purchase 

Store or mammoth lamps - hanging lamp frames & tin or glass shades available.  Also 4" & 4.5" chimneys for sale. Complete lamps available for rental - some of these lamps have already been in the movies.